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What’s amazing about cats? Cats give humans attention, relieve our loneliness, provide comfort, fun, and play and affection.


To be honest, until very recently I’ve never paid much attention to cats. However in the last few years I got somehow fascinated by this amazing feline. 


I’m a big fan of the beautiful and unique. As such the “Catz furscapes series” are inspired by low-key photographs of adorable cats in which I’ve tried to essence and light nuances shaping the cuteness, own minded personalities and curious character of these animals.  I've intended to capture the mysticism of these felines in the shadows of the light and transpose their soul into a portrait…


Style: Modern abstract art

Artist: Mario

Title: Catz Furscapes Series no.1

Year: 2022


Catz Furscapes Series no.1

150,00 €Preço
  • Canvas stretched over a wooden plate. Ready to hang.

    Medium: acrylic paint on cotton canvas

    Size: 30 cm × 40 cm | approx. 12 x 16 inches

    Color: Black, White, Golden

    Signed on front. Certificate of authenticity included.


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