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When I was 7 years old my aunt asked me what I’d like to be when I grow old. Apparently, I responded “ I want to be Brazilian”. Somehow, I’ve always been fascinated by Brazil, its music and people, but most of all by its nature, breathtaking landscapes and its exotic animals. Sadly, a lot of the beautiful places in the world, including Brazil, are in fast decay due to us humans not taking good care of our planet and being responsible for our modern ways of living.


The biggest threat for the survival of these birds is their habitat destruction by humans. I’ve painted this Scarlet Macaw - Ara Macao (whose estimated population size is to be between 20,000 - 50,000), as a reminder for the urgency to take care of our planet earth and all the beautiful living beings in it. 


  • Style: Modern abstract art
  • Artist: Mario
  • Title: Ara Macao
  • Year: 2019


Ara Macao

€ 500,00Preço
  • Canvas stretched over a wooden frame. Ready to hang.

    Medium: acrylic paint on cotton canvas

    Size: 100 x 100 cm | approx. 39 x 39 inches

    Color: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green

    Signed on front. Certificate of authenticity included.

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