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Venus is a symbol of feminine and beauty. For the Romans she represented desire, fertility, prosperity and in essence she was the goddess of love and sex. Venus possessed the ability to make both gods and mortals fall madly in love and for that she used her charm and erotic appeal. She is the mother of Cupid, wife to Venus and secret lover to Mars to which she had an affair (quite a soap opera).


I’m a big fan of the beautiful and unique. As such the “Venus silhouettes series” are inspired by sensual low-key photographs with essence and light nuances shaping the intimate details of the feminine. I've intended to capture the mysticism of Venus in the shapes of beautiful women…


Style: Modern abstract art

Artist: Mario

Title: Venus Silhouettes Series no. 1

Year: 2021


Venus Silhouettes Series no. 1

  • Canvas stretched over a wooden frame. Ready to hang.

    Medium: acrylic paint on cotton canvas

    Size: 40 cm × 50 cm | approx. 16 x 20 inches

    Color: Black, White

    Signed on front. Certificate of authenticity included.

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