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I love unique and beautiful things; human beings are no exception. I’m fascinated by the expressions a human face can have. Exotic beauty can be found amongst our population in many ways and for me it means that these persons inhabit an unusual beauty. Some people have unique features that take on an air of elegance upon them.


This painting is based on a black and white picture of an African girl. Her eyes are uniquely shaped and have a luminous filling which contrasts with her full, crimson lips and the shape of her cheekbones which is set high and slim. Overall, her features and associated expression convey uniqueness in a different way that is striking and fascinating; strangely beautiful and enticing.


Style: Modern abstract art

Artist: Mario

Title: Exotic Beauty Series no.1

Year: 2019

Exotic Beauty Series no.1

750,00 €Precio
  • Canvas stretched over a wooden frame. Ready to hang.

    Medium: acrylic paint on cotton canvas

    Size: 120 cm × 90 cm | approx. 47 x 35 inches

    Color: Creme,Blue, White, Red

    Signed on front. Certificate of authenticity included.

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