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Being originally from the city of Lisbon, I've used its trams many times through the most beautiful historical and residential neighborhoods of the city. The small and photogenic yellow trams of Lisbon are begging artists to be eternalized in their artworks and this painting is an attempt to do so.


At The end of the afternoon, the smell of the heat in the air washed by the breeze from the river, where I open the window of this old tram 28 and let the tiled buildings pass by, stalking the steep slopes and being awed by the winding path between hills, viewpoints, and breathtaking squares. 


This is one of the many memories I hold dear from my youth days in my beloved Lisbon. Deep inside the comforting sound of tram 28 bells guarantees me that, even if I got off randomly along the way, tram 28 would always come back to take me back. 


Style: Modern abstract art

Artist: Mario

Title: Tram 28

Year: 2016

Tram 28

500,00 €Precio
  • Canvas stretched over a wooden frame. Ready to hang.

    Medium: acrylic paint on cotton canvas

    Size: 115 cm × 70 cm | approx. 45 x 28 inches

    Color: Blue,Yellow, White, Red

    Signed on front. Certificate of authenticity included.

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