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Custom Artwork

The commission process is straight forward. This is how we work.

The process of commissioning custom artwork with "Mario and Belle Art" is designed to ensure a seamless experience to our costumers:


1.  Contact us via the contact form. Tell us what you are looking for, what your timeline is and what is your budget. Feel free to include some reference photos.

This step aims to find out what you have in mind to help Mario and Belle understand what you want and decide if we can create a painting which suits your wishes. 

2.  We'll arrange an open discussion with you to understand your vision, preferences, and any specific details you'd like to incorporate into the artwork. Your ideas, themes, and inspirations form the foundation of our collaboration.


3.   Following our discussion, we formalise your request – by replying with a quote and proposed completion date or seek more details if necessary. This step ensures transparency and clarity, guaranteeing that we're aligned every step of the way. 


4.  Once our quote is accepted, we email you an agreement stating what we’ll paint to what timeline and we will also email you the first of 3 (three) payment requests for payment. 

5.   You sign the agreement, return it to us and pay the first down payment (non-refundable). 

This first payment is non-refundable : it’s a third of the amount to order materials and confirm a commission slot in our working schedule to create your artwork.

6. We start your painting – receiving your signed agreement and down payment is our cue to start. 


7. Half way through painting, we email you, for approval, photos showing progress along with a second payment request. 


We value your input throughout this journey, allowing for adjustments and refinements to ensure the final artwork aligns perfectly with your vision.

8.  Once the artwork is finished, we'll send you images for your approval and we'll request the third and final payment request. 

9.  After receiving the third and last payment, we'll ship the you the commissioned artwork to you.

Your satisfaction is crucial; so please give us some feedback about the painting. 

Note: custom artworks cannot be returned nor refunded.

Congratulations, you now have a new, unique painting from Mario & Belle Art  to cherish or offer to someone special.

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